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Only the last few years we have started to study this serie of stamps, which proves to be as interesting as the De Mérode serie. In fact the stamp little Albert 10 c is one of the most difficult stamps concerning the difference between real and forgery and we are going to try to go into this problem as far as possible to give a clue for the determination. Because our interest for these stamps is recent, there are a lot of missing objects in our collection, we hope to find them in due time.


Born in 1959 and collecting stamps from the age of seven, I have been interested especially for the set of Mérode stamps the last few years. Because my second hobby is history, I always try to give as much attention as possible to the historical content and the time spirit of this set.

Damen Guido E-mail ( & André Luyckx.

General History

To know more about the history of these stamps, we refer to the parts "Genesis" and "Biografie de Mac Donald" on this site.