In 1929 one has made a reprint from the 50 c de Mérode stamp on a minister sheet, departing from an at that time still existing original mother plate . The reason for doing this could be a question from postmuseums in other countries to obtain facsimiles of Belgian stamps to complete their collection.

A minister sheet is a sheet of paper of 150 x 175 mm provided with a special mark in the right edge below (spectators vieuw) which says:
Ministère de chemins de fer, Marines, postes et télégraphes Ministerie van spoorwegen, zeewezen, posterijen en telegrafie.
These sheets were numbered from 1 to 18 in the left upper corner and were ment to be given to the king, his family and his ministers, whereby the king received the number one, and the other in order of importance. There exist also sheets without a number. Departing the first stamps of Belgium, these minister sheets where made (exept the war years 1914-1918 and 1940-1945.)

Characteristics of the stamp shown are:
1) the stamp was rejected at the last moment because of an error in the writing of the Dutch word ' centiemen'.
2) The position of the group of figures is positioned to the right.
3) The printing of the stamp is surrounded with cloudes in the background.