The red cross stamp nr 130 has easy and difficult recognizable forgeries. The dangerous forgeries have identical drawings as the genuine stamps. To distinguish real from forged, one can use the following criteria : 1) The gum : thin,dull and smooth with the real stamps, shiny with the forgeries. 2) The varieties that we find only on the genuine stamps we can use to control the authenticity of whole sheets. A famous collector ( Vervisch) recommended to use the distance between the lines of the frame to distinguish genuine from false: - dangerous falsification nr 1 : type 1 : 22 mm type 2 : 22,2 mm real stamps : type 1 : 22,4 mm type 2 : 22,6 mm - dangerous falsification nr 2 : type 1 : 22,4 mm type 2 : 22,4 mm BUT using computermeasurements of the real stamps there is also a difference in hight between 22,3 and 22,8 mm for the both types, so we can't use this criterium to distinguish genuine and falsificated stamps