de Mérode louis,Fréderic,Ghislain ( born Maastricht 9/6/1792- died Maligne 4/11/1830) was a member of a nobel family. He married in 1811 with the daughter of the french count Ducluzel, and lived in France.
After the return of Napoleon from the island Elba, he volunteered in the grenadier regiment of the French Royal Household. He became a volunteer and a leader of the Belgian army who fought the army of Holland in oktober 1830. He was hit with a bullet in his right thigh fighting at the '' Posthof " at Berchem-Antwerp 24/10/1830.
The day after he was operated and his right leg was amputated.Nevertheless he died in the army hospital at Maligne.
In 1905, when the 75 year of independance of Belgium was commemorated, a statue was erected by the municipality of Berchem. It was a work of art by Josué Dupon, known also from making several statues at the zoo of Antwerp.
The statue gives an impression of the moment when count de M‚rode , injured, is sustained by two Belgian Volunteers. At the sides of the pedestal one can see episodes of the Battle, and before the pedestal the Belgian lion lies. Also stands a sign with the words 'Belgium free'.